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Haley Jenkins

Director, Tishman Capital Partners
Haley Jenkins

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”


I grew up in Denver, where my mother started and ran a real estate business for thirty years.  She experienced success in a male dominated business by prioritizing integrity and long-term relationships. These guiding principles continue to inspire me each day.

Knowing I wanted to pursue a career in real estate, I attended Cornell University, where I focused on real estate, law, and beverage management. Upon graduation, I joined Tishman’s development team, where I was able to work on exciting projects and learn from extremely talented people.  I might not have known it at the time, but the primary experiences in ground up development and redevelopment projects were unique and helpful in my own progression as a young professional.

Haley JenkinsHaley Jenkins

Recently, I have continued to expand and grow my skillset by working on third-party real estate projects.  I helped successfully launch our Opportunity Zone program, which invested in nineteen projects around the country, representing $3 bn in asset value.  Working on a fund launch and then underwriting, diligence and structuring deals was exciting and satisfying, knowing we took a concept from beginning to end. More importantly, it has been gratifying to be part of a collaborative, entrepreneurial team that could leverage every part of the firm to deliver success. The cumulative experiences have given me a richer world view and the opportunity to be a more complete investor.

professional biography

Haley Jenkins is currently a Director at Tishman Capital Partners. Ms. Jenkins holds a BS in Hospitality Management with a Real Estate minor and concentrations in Finance, Law, and Beverage Management from Cornell University. When not in the office, time in the wilderness inspires Haley. Whether running, skiing, skinning up a snowy mountain at dawn, or rollerblading through Central Park, or enjoying a round of golf, she is living an adventurous, full life.