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Danny Kramer

Chief Financial Officer, Tishman Capital Partners
Danny Kramer

“If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”


Playing competitive soccer throughout my childhood taught me many valuable lessons: discipline, a positive attitude and how to be a great teammate. A disciplined approach to any assignment or task will create consistent and efficient results. The attitude you carry each day will impact the energy around you. And being a great teammate will encourage a winning environment. These lessons have stayed with me as an adult and shaped my leadership style.


Throughout my career, I have placed high importance on mentorship. Having worked at a few funds, I benefited from senior leaders taking the time to challenge me and broaden my skill set. I now share these experiences with my colleagues and enjoy being a sounding board for the group. I am also a mentor for undergraduate students majoring in accounting and finance, which is incredibly rewarding as I see them embark on their careers.


Danny KramerDanny Kramer

Prior to joining Tishman, I was a founding member of a new fund launch, which allowed me to take entrepreneurial risks and wear many different hats. I found this sort of environment to be dynamic and thoroughly fulfilling. Here, I love that a similar energy exists. Roles are blended across many disciplines, and innovation and creativity are welcomed. This has allowed us to act with speed and a lot of flexibility when launching new funds and strategies. Knowing we can bring new ideas to fruition and build the next generation of businesses is truly exciting.

professional biography

Danny Kramer is the Chief Financial Officer of Tishman Capital Partners. He is responsible for overseeing accounting, finance, operations, and administration. Prior to joining Tishman, Danny helped launch Smith Cove Capital, an event-driven hedge fund focused on distressed debt and special situations equities. At Smith Cove, he oversaw the audited financial statement process, regulatory reporting, and month-end procedures. He was a key member of the valuation committee and investor due diligence meetings. Before Smith Cove, Danny worked at Trend Capital and Silver Point Capital. He started his career at PwC. Danny graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BS and MS in Accounting. When he is not in the office, you can find him at the beach with his family, trying new restaurants and playing golf.